“The only way out, is the way in”
~ Cliff Richards

My approach

I attach great importance to building a warm relationship with my client, one in which they feel safe. My approach is practical, spiritual, dedicated and loving. Because of my intuitive power I am able to go with you quickly and adequately to the core of the problem and to offer you the best way to a solution, insight and healing. From your voice I can hear at certain moments how you are feeling and what goes on behind the surface.

The power of the treatments is in the combination of my own attitude which is as open as possible. I invite you to discuss with me everything you find important, I proceed with all my heart and attention and employ humor and lightness. I am present and listen carefully. I believe that you already have all the resources within you to resolve any problem.
If necessary I make use of elements from cognitive behavioral therapy, so that you may learn to get a grip on thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Besides techniques from motivational interviewing and nonviolent communication, I also work with guided meditation, voice, singing and breathing exercises, healing, reading, coaching and counseling techniques. I can use EMDR and the Safe Sound Protocol (a music-therapy intervention) used for trauma, and severe stress and feelings of insecurity.

Body-oriented psychotherapy

Depending on your request for help, I can start a process in which childhood experiences play a central role. Every human being is good in the depths of their being and has a loving heart. From birth onwards we have learned to protect our hearts against negative feelings, pain and disappointment. We apply armor, resulting in muscle tension and chronic muscle contractions. The body energy that normally flows freely becomes blocked, also called energy blockages.
This stagnant energy can result in a far-reaching alienation from yourself and can inhibit your zest for life, creativity and expression.

Body-oriented psychotherapy makes you aware, puts your body in motion and removes energy blockages from your body, so you can be in better contact with yourself and your feelings.
Body work includes exercises to breathe, ground, charge, discharge, limit, make contact and give expression.