Mixed transformation group

You will participate in a group of 8-12 participants, men and women, for 6 Monday evenings.
Such a group is a society in miniature: you encounter all kinds of feelings and judgments and you are confronted with your own reactions to them. Those feelings can be pleasant, but you can also be “triggered” by someone else. You are not alone with your struggles. The members of your group offer you recognition, and can also support you in your process.

We start each meeting with body-oriented exercises, sometimes we choose a theme. Then there is room to bring in personal questions or issues.

Even if you do not have a question to contribute, you work along in someone else’s process and learn from it. We have time for different questions each evening.

Together with Piet Jan van Wier, www.elane.nl. I lead this group at the location Yoga Spot Buitenveldert in Amsterdam, www.yogaspot.nl

We hope to resume group work in 2021.