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Corinne van den Bergh


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Keizersgracht 50
1015 CR Amsterdam

Professional association FAGT: 15640
Chamber of Commerce: 64033759
IBAN: NL68INGB0004298127


I felt enormously at ease with Corinne. She listened with understanding and asked good questions. I also regularly laughed with her at the absurdity of some of my assumptions or ideas. But then that was very liberating laughter.


52 years old

I have experienced the therapy I followed with Corinne as very special. I have learned how it feels to be in contact with who I really am. Where I am safe, can trust, can surrender and can let go of old patterns and thoughts. Where I can surrender to fear and sadness, because I have learned that I can carry it myself. I have experienced during the sessions that old, unconsciously ingrained beliefs that keep you small, fearful and sad, are not who you really are. The trust Corinne gives, but also the involvement, expertise, loving but also focused approach and undeniable love for what she does, made it possible for me to get over my shame to really feel this. The emptiness I felt before has made room for a sense of freedom and self-confidence.


I experienced the sessions with Corinne as very safe and solid. She set a safe setting and clear intention, which allowed me to work with her through conversations, breathing and body-oriented exercises on the themes that were important at that time. Where necessary Corinne alternates a loving attitude with one of tackling, which I have always experienced as effective.


38 years old

Corinne knows unerringly which exercise she can use at that moment to give me more insight into my emotional world. On days when I have no idea what I want to talk about, she gets straight to the point. She needs few words to understand me and is very intuitive and sensitive. After a session I always go home lighter and fulfilled.


I am very grateful that Corinne has restored the contact with my body. After a double illness I had lost this connection. Very slowly I felt that through talking and exercises old traumas started to melt and pain disappeared. Corinne is a wonderful body therapist who is very involved and not afraid of “tough love”.


47 years old

Corinne invites me to get closer to my core, with a lot of patience, warmth and humor. In her own creative way she helps me further on my path. I am grateful to her.


There was considerable progress in areas such as attitude to life, beliefs, relationships and (old) traumas. But the therapy could mainly be described as “a journey from the head to the heart”, which especially increased openness, warmth and (self) compassion. I had few specific expectations beforehand, but this was a remarkable and pleasant result.


43 years

You have guided me lovingly, confidently and sometimes very directly to get back into my body. To gain full access to the intelligence of my body, to my inner knowing and to build up my self confidence to be able to act accordingly. Only gratitude and love!


32 years old